The AltMo API
AltMo is a community driven platform that surfaces cycle rides to specific office facilities. It is built to extract rides done on Strava, apply algorithms that determine if the ride is a work ride and aggregate the rides by organisation, city, state and country. It contains computations to calculate CO2 offset against a car as per ECF standards. It also computes petrol saved by choosing to use a bicycle. The API provided allows you to extract daily summary of rides, distances, CO2 offset, Petrol saved along with the number of new users registered and the work trips made on the day on the biAltMo.
The goal of sharing these RESTful API’s is to create rich visualisations and analytics that can help further add value to the base data provided that can help individuals, corporates and decision makers to use the data to effect change.
You can send in your Pull Requests to the Public Github Repo for AltMo if you wish to contribute to the ecosystem of visualisations and analytics around the AltMo data.
We are providing a two tier access to the data. The free tier allows you to try out visualisations and value added computes on 90 days worth of data. If you are serious of contributing substantially you can request a full access token with more details about your project. We do not charge for the full access but will need to understand more about your project before we grant you full access to the data. We reserve the right to deny full access. Any use of the API will have to adhere to the licensing terms.
Free Access API
The Free API provides a daily summary of rides, distances, CO2 offset, Petrol saved along with the number of new users registered and the work trips for the past 90 days from the date of query. Global summary is the default response however, If you wish to get data for a specific city you will get the list of cities from another API call and pass the city id to get daily summary for that particular city.
Full Access
Full access provides you with access to daily summary for the entire period of tracking which is from 1st January 2019. You will need a token to access the full API. Click on get token to fill a form and once approved you will get a token that can be sent in the header to get full access. Keep watching this space as more API’s will get added here.
This API is granted under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License. You will credit AltMo either with the text or the logo hyperlinked to https://cycleto.work somewhere in the landing page if it’s used in a webpage/any other electronic media, footnotes/endnotes if it’s a report.