Successfully wrapping up F2WCR Q2

Dear Healthy Street Champions!

We are thrilled to share with you the exciting results from the second 45-day cohort of the Freedom2WalkCycleRun 3.0 Challenge! Our campaign has once again taken off with a bang, and we are incredibly inspired with the level of enthusiasm and dedication shown by all the participating city leaders.

Just the second cohort of the campaign has helped offset 1560 kgs of CO2 and save over 650 L of fuel, by shifting private motor vehicle trips to other modes like walking, running, and cycling. Here are the numbers:

58,000+ km clocked across the nation between June and July 2023!
90% of participants started replacing their private motor-vehicle trips, spanning over 13,000+ km by 1825 walking & cycling trips.
Walking & cycling replaced 62% of work trips and 54% of trips to shops.

Over the last 45 days, we have seen leaders from all around the country lace up their sneakers, hop on their cycles, and hit the streets to explore their cities in a whole new way. The Freedom2WalkCycleRun 3.0 is a unique year-long campaign that runs in three 45-day cohorts. The Challenge nudges participants to build and stick to a habit, consistently. By committing to daily walking, cycling, and running, our participants gain a firsthand understanding of their city's streets and have been able to identify areas for improvement.

The Freedom2WalkCycleRun Challenge not only promotes physical activity but also supports the nation's efforts to encourage environmentally responsible behaviors, as emphasised by the Honourable Prime Minister at the launch of Mission LiFE (Lifestyle for the Environment), “Mission LiFE makes the fight against climate change democratic, in which everyone can contribute within their capacity. It believes that the environment can be protected by making changes in our lifestyle."

By encouraging walking and cycling as daily habits for both leaders and citizens, we can create safer, more accessible, and inclusive spaces while also enabling responsible choices to address the challenges of climate change.

We cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings as we continue to walk, cycle, and run towards a more sustainable future. Congratulations to all of our first-quarter award-winners and participants, and keep up the fantastic work! We thank our partners Smart Cities Mission, AltMo.app, BYCS India Foundation, All India cycle Manufacturers™ Association for their support in making this campaign a success.

Carrying the momentum forward, are you ready to join us on June 3, 2023, in the coming Cohort in Q2?